The unconscious mind is one of the most powerful tools we possess. Through years of study and exploration into the workings of varying levels of consciousness, I have developed a series of audio recordings that are specific to my clients’ needs and utilize the technique of visualization to achieve optimal states of well-being, fulfillment, and success in one’s life.  These “journeys” provide an exploration into the unconscious and give the individual a new perspective on life.

The recordings focus on such situations as:  physical/mental well-being, coping skills for grief, removing life stressors, promoting physical vitality, achieving one’s “heart’s desire” and fulfilling one’s life vision.  My visualization recordings have been used by a broad range of clients, including entrepreneurs, artists, writers, actors, sports figures, lawyers, and business professionals.

The Jar MP3

A Guided Journey to Reduce Anxiety (22 minutes)

Fire and Water MP3

Cleanse and Heal with These Purifying Elements (24 minutes)

Becoming You MP3

Explore Your Attributes Deep Within (21 minutes)

The Pyramid MP3

Discover Your Riches That Reside Deep Within (21 minutes)

Pennies From Heaven MP3

Increase Abundance in Every Area of Your Life (25 minutes)

The Cloud MP3

Release Unwanted Emotions from Your Body-Mind (40 minutes)

The Wise Healer MP3

Access Your Inner Healer (43 minutes)

Personalized Recordings
Contact Meredith for a custom recording of your original and personalized journey. Pricing upon request.


“Whenever I feel stress beginning to manifest I reach for one of Meredith’s recordings and am instantly transported to a place of ease and comfort.”


Meredith would like acknowledge the people who have influenced her work: Jeanne Achterberg, PhD | Ronald Jue, PhD | Carolyn Carroll, PhD | Valerie Wells.  A special thanks to Ralph Grierson for composing original music, Michael Woodrum Productions for recording, and GV Creative for art direction. All content on this site is property of Meredith H. Duncan.